here’s the voice of the lower manhattan classic “40 cal” on the lmc in general, and the final coming this sunday, in particular …

“I stayed quiet about my tournament this summer and just listened to all the things people had to say. But honestly speaking, the playoffs have been off the hook. These same people who spoke about our tournament never even came through on a regular basis, just to let you guys know. While you guys talk about something you know nothing about, never been to or seen with your very own two eyes, we just sit there and laugh cause anyone who has witnessed the games out on Houston street has come back! Big shout out to every player who participated, DP, Mapp, K-Von, Gary Ervin, Bobbito Garcia, 1/2 man 1/2 amazing, Junie Saunders, Mookie Thomas, Murder Kill, Muff, Stixx, Karrem Bernard, D – Mac, Boondoxx, Tamel, Brian Gardenhire, Ty Grant, Sho, Donald, Lloyd, Mark Sanders, Mez, Larry, Kojo, Nicolas Leon etc … The Championship game is set for this Sunday at 3 p.m., with Uninvited Guest going up against Young gunnaz. These two teams have upset the best of the best in the tournament and deserve to be in the championship. Congrats to both!”


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