Saturday marked the grand opening of the K1X NYC flagship store in SoHo. The highlight of the event was the exhibition of the “Tonz-O-Gunz K.O.N.Y.” art work by Barron Claiborne, which was released as a limited edition t-shirt – exclusively by Barron Claiborne and K1X. Guests enjoyed drinks courtesy of “Balls Vodka” and tunes by DJ Getlive, who actually turned the boutique store into a dance floor (see exclusive clip by Highsnobiety tomorrow). Acclaimed photographer Barron Claiborne made it an unforgettable night for many, by taking portraits of our guests. Of course, an exclusive portrait by the man who took Biggie’s most iconic (and last!) picture is a bragging right in itself. In this case, we added an extra cherry on top, as our visitors got to wear Notorious B.I.G.’s original crown, posing as the “King of New York”. Stay tuned for the art project feat. all head shots taken during K1X’s tipoff.

With DJ Getlive on the decks, sneakerheads, taste makers, media and ballplayers celebrated the arrival of K1X in the Big Apple. It’s been a long time coming but the Nation of Hoop is here to stay! See more pics of our guests incl. Shireen “London” Brown, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Marc Baptise, singer/songwriter Patrice, Quazi King, Travis White, Brian Kortovic, Kingdome’s “Huncho”, Mike Schreiber, DJ Parlay, and co. after the jump…

Photocredit: Quazimotto on Wax

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