Once again, the K1X Patrick Mohr came, saw and conquered. Last Saturday, the mighty Overkill Shop in Berlin celebrated the release of the Mk5 with DJ Minoto (Bass Gang), plenty of booze and a couple hundred of their favorite customers. Needless top say, all pairs were sold out before the night was done. Peep the album to see what went down…!

Find more images from the Overkill release party on our Facebook site!

So we have bad news. And we have good news. All colors and all sizes are currently sold out. But, we will hit the following fine destinations with a restock in early December: The Good Will Out (Köln), Afew (Düsseldorf), Suppa (Stuttgart), Overkill (Berlin), Glory Hole (Hamburg), Apropos (Köln / Hamburg), LuisaViaRoma (Mailand), KICKZ Monaco & KICKZ Berlin, Feature (Las Vegas), Primitive (London), Pool (Munich), WISH (Atlanta), Acht (Amsterdam), Ansh46 (Rotterdam), All Found (Helsinki) and The Gloss (Zürich). The Mk5 will also be available in our own online shop: www.k1x.com/shop. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for breaking news…





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