somos acb! Cai Zaragoza fans had to suffer a lot over the last couple of years: their team has been on top of Spain’s second league (leb oro) but never made it to the highest pro ball level, the acb.
Darren pillip and his team mates finally achieved that goal – 2 weeks early! Cai zaragoza won the leb oro title after defeating Hospitalet in the Penultimate game of the season in front of more than 11.000 spectators.
And they played like champions to the end: even in the meaningless season-ending game against lleida. the zaragoza squad showed love to its fans by hustling and defeating lleida in overtime 91:96.
Dp – the teams leading scorer (600 points) – finished the season strong by putting up 16 & 6 and 18 & 13 in the last to games respectively.

One thought on “k1x player of the week: darren phillip

  1. Tobias says:

    more than 11,000 spectators at a second division basketball game? Just shows how big basketball in Spain really is – great job Darren

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