Last weekend marked the next stop of the infamous PXA basketball tournament: the Pigalle court in Paris (where it all started 12 months ago). Repainted with an amazing piece of art by Yue Wu, the unique court welcomed some new teams such as ROUCREATION, MAIN DE FER & GANTS DE VELOURS, LE CLOSET as well as a comeback by the regular PXA teams BKRW, SOTO/MADE (Berlin), RBF(Amsterdam), CANDY, COLETTE… After Team K1X had won the men’s title a couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam it was now time to shine for K1X Shorty’s. Parisian online lifestyle magazine LE CLOSET had teamed up with K1X aiming for the first title in K1X Shorty history. To celebrate the magazine’s first invitation to Pigalles’ finest, the K1X girls took the tournament by storm and ended up as undefeated champions, with a striking win in the finales versus the Candy girls from Germany. The young team was composed of point guard Diana who plays for Mali national team (remember the K1X catalogue “Marks the Spot” back in 2007), forwards Deborah and Caitlin (French third league) and power forward Sandra, who plays in the NCAA (Kansas University). In the men’s category, local heroes Pigalle took the title in a very physical final against MAIN DE FER. In addition to an exciting basketball tournament PXA once again brought together “la famille”, to celebrate basketball and party with the coolest people in the industry. A memorable dance battle and an off da hook afterparty rounded up a perfect weekend in the City of Love. Next stop: Berlin, September 24th.

Check out the pics after the jump (credit: Shoes-Up, BKRW.COM/Hugues Lawson-Body and Suki Chik)

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