k1x first teamed up with sierra leone’s national basketball squad a little over 3 years ago. not because they had the best chances of scoring a medal at the olympics games. not because they have the next lebron on their roster. but because team sierra leone tells the most intrigueing story in international basketball. these guys play ball in the poorest country in the world and face hardships on a daily basis, that seem absurd to modern day athletes: salary, road-trips and even electricity for night-games pose a constant struggle. team sierra leone personifies k1x’s philospohy “play hard, don’t embarrass our products” to the core.

the players and rich culture of siearra leone, have been a major inspiration to k1x ever since. we give a percentage of the profits back to the team, but k1x’s involvement should not be considered charity. think of it more along the lines of appreciation for a partnership, that also featured team sierra leone in k1x’s international ad campaign.

we are happy to assess mounting media interest in sierra leone, most notably kanye wests’ “diamonds from sierra leone” and hollywood movies like “blood diamonds” and “lord of war”. the upcoming k1x spring/summer collection “world tour” (march 2007), also features a large number of styles, that were created around the sierra leone theme. after several weeks of photoagraphy, we came back with some stunning images of the nation’s capital freetown and its ballplayers.

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