If you are reading this, you are probably one of those heads that call the court “home“. One of those dudes, who lives in the park come summer time. Someone who knows the code…

And if your go-to move is the stuff of legends, if you hoop it up ‘til way past sundown, if a rebound is more important to you than making sure nobody gets hurt, if your mindset is to turn camaraderie into a vicious battle and then back to friendly banter, if you don‘t even notice the bruises and scars, if you‘ve been playing at the same court forever, if you got “next“ without needing to call it, if you‘d stick up for some guy just because you‘ve played with him, if your favorite way to fight a hangover is a good run in the sun, if you know who Billy Hoyle is without having to look it up, if you‘d rather do it in the park than on the hardwood, if the sound of bouncing leather balls on asphalt makes you salivate for action…

If all the above rings a bell… then you have “Park Authority“. Then you are in good company here. Welcome to the Nation of Hoop!

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K1X Brand photoshoot for 2014 Look Books.

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