The 2008 HITS All-Star Game more than lived up to the billing – it was the number one spot to be this Sunday, July 20. With the weather in the upper 90’ies, crowds galore and the best players in the city, there was no choice but to put on a spectacular showcase for the fans.

K1X All-Stars were loaded with Darren Phillip, Rick Apodaca, Special EFX, Cory Underwood, A-Money, Kason Mims, Jiggy Josh Watkins, Panama Kirkland and Stixx Williams, while the HITS All-Stars included Antwan Dobie, Kenny Satterfield, Smush Parker and Justin Burrell.

K1X All-Stars, led by Hoops in the Sun Hall of Famer Darren “Primal Fear” Phillip, defeated the HITS All-Stars 110-106. The Fear led the way with 25 points and 12 rebounds, taking home All-Star Game MVP honors for the second time in his career. HITS All-Stars started off strong in the first quarter, going up 30-20, with eventually leading 51-44 at the half. (Watch the attached clip to see Coach Bernard Bowen’s flaming half time speach!) DP took over in the third, as he scored 16 points in the quarter for the K1X All-Stars.

HITS All-Stars began to make their run in the fourth but it was little too late. Missed free throws and fumbled key opportunities cost them the win. K1X All-Stars, with the help of James “Stix” Williams (22 points and 10 rebounds) and the timely shooting of Rick Apodaca closed out the deal at another fantastic HITS mid summer classic.

Big shout to Randy & Joe Cruz for making HITS such a success – K1X is proud to be part of the fam!

the beach…

…was packed!

it was hot, like real hot…

underwood is a winner. even in his choice of tee. to his left: ryan “special efx” williams is holding it down for k1x.

checka checka check it out

panama kirkland

a-money is having a break-out summer-season

dp & thirst (wadup mayne!). like the tee? wanna know more about dont fah get? check out

smush parker everybody!

hits all stars featured k-sat, anti-freeze, smush and justin burrell

the k1x all-stars…from left to right: jiggy watkins, a-money, stixx williams, panama, pretty ricky, special efx, dee pee & coach b (mia: underwood)

pr pride in full effect

many say he’s the best young pg in ny…josh watkins. dude has been hitting the weights!

efx can shoot!

cesar & emp with junior mvp sidique johnson

antwan “anti-freeze” dobie laced up his cg2’s and went to work for the hits all-stars

rick apadoca was strictly business in his limited pr editions (now at selected foot lockers in nyc and puerto rico) and led the team with 7 assists

k1x & hits with 3 point shoot-out winner jomo belfore

add it to others: dee pee wins hits all-star game mvp honors and underlines his status as best big man in the city. randy & joe cruz are the first to congratulate…

[youtube width=”500″ height=”418″][/youtube]

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