But seriously, last weekend was way more than that. Suki, Chris and Joey (Bread & Butter) invited a selected crowd of fashionistas (or simply: cool cats) to hoop it up family-style in Amsterdam. The 3rd edition of the PXA basketball invitational (following Paris and Berlin) had all the makings of a classic. Even the Gods gave their blessing and treated the setting to the first sunny weekend of the year. Teams from all over Europe, including Black Rainbow & Pigalle (Paris), Acht (Amsterdam), BBB, Soto & Candy (Berlin), Frankfurt and a special guest from NYC, came to the city of sin and ended up having the best of times. At the end of the day, yours truly took home the men’s title and many unforgettable moments. Peep the images below to get a taste of the vibe…
Major props go out to Suki, Joey and Chris for making it happen. And for making sure that all teams slept under the same roof in a legendary downtown villa, which made the whole event reminiscent of a school trip. All players present have played plenty of basketball tournaments in their lifetime – and still, this PXA edition stands out supreme.
This goes out to Big Will Ricky Ross, Jay, Bianca, Hadnet, Emily, Max, Robson, Indra, Kwon, DJ Khaled, Soldier Boy Tellem, Malibu, those Frankfurters, 8, Rutha, Philly, Danish Dick, the Pigalle Massive, Salima, Dre, BBB, Nico Zeh, Kool Bob Love, Aaron and the whole PXA crew.

Papa Neil, Duki, Tom Gabreezee and Jova bathe in their fifteen minutes of fame. Keep reading to see how it could come to this!

Freaks & Geeks meets Oz meets An Officer and a Gentleman meets The Royal Tennenbaums meets M*A*S*H meets … gotta love the dorms!

Breakfast with some mad cool Frankfurters. This café’s Serbian owner would later find out that espresso + pain au chocolat = breakfast of champions.
If you’re looking at those shoes and wondering “where the hell did they get those?”, let us take you way back: Bobbito Garcia designed those joints for K1X several years ago, the Chieglider Bounce Edition. We still had some fresh pairs and decided to break them out for the occasion. Kool Bob Love definitely appreciated the gesture.

Tom in search of his a-game. He found it…

Big Chris, was one of the tournaments organizers brought a bunch of spray cans to customize the court prior to tip-off. He is also one helluva bike rider (catch him somewhere between Amsterdam and Rome this June!) who used to ball professionally in Italy and looks like he could be in Green Day. Most importantly, he is a real cool dude.

Dre was one of the first dudes we met. He was an early indicator that we were in for a special day.

Raw natural talent on full display …

Black Rainbow’s frenglish master mind just can’t shut up. That’s why you da best, Jay!

Team K1X’s Breezee serves them Frankfurters a hearty lunch in the preliminary round …

Other than hoops, the PXA was mainly about wildin out, which made for a pretty dope scenario.

Big Chris, Joey (another guy who will go to heaven for making PXA happen) and Bobbito Garcia himself, who hosted the semis and finals like only he can. They all got mad love for their peoples.

Papa Neil & Duki know what a proper game-face looks like – look and learn.

These young cats dj’ed the shit out of the sound system. Nice work, fellas, you da future! We’re guessing we’ll see you in a underground-goes-hit-movie before you turn 22…

Joey, Suki (thanks for everything!!), one of many Pigalle supporters and our main man Wilfried, who held it down in some vintage K1X shorts.

Allez les Bleus! Team Pigalle brought a truckload of fans who had more energy than your average Duracel rabbit.

You got to leave your mark if you want to be a champion. Or something like that …

Our friends from Candy (Berlin) took home the women’s title in a hard fought battle vs. the locals from Amsterdam. Good thing they had Hacking Hadet and the Amazing Emily (MVP, MVP, MVP…) on the squad, who made sure their general manager DJ San Gabriel can add another title to his impressive trophy cabinet.

The men’s final was featured Team K1X and the PXA Originators from Pigalle (Paris). Papa Neal had a feeling this “one-love shot” would not be all too realistic after the game, so he insisted to have this picture taken before. Good thinkin, vet …

The toughest matchup of the tournament: Tom vs. Joe

PXA tournament MVP honors definitely go to this dude, Joe Tesfaldet, who was aptly nicknamed “Oh-No” by shot caller Bobbito Garcia. Honorable mention goes to Tom (Pigalle), Duki (Team K1X), Malibu Fu (Soto, Berlin) and the tattoo’ed guy from Team Acht we nicknamed “Eminem”, who had enough energy to keep on dunking even after his team was forced out of the competition by Pigalle in the semis.

The men’s final was a hard fought low scoring battle that would have put the Detroit Bad Boys to shame. But you gotta do what you gotta do …

Give it up for the champs! Team K1X celebrates the tournament victory, while the Pigalle crew turns away in disgust: “Putain!” Team K1X consisted of Duki Cvetkovic, Joe Tesfaldet, Tom Gabrea & the veteran Papa Niels Jaeger.

“La Famille” (PXA Amsterdam 2010)

Jova: PXA MVP & Champion, all wrapped up into one winning smile…

After the show it’s the afterparty …
This joint was completely out of control. But what do you expect if the venue is called “Cox” and the codeword is “Cobra”?

The PXA will not be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to witness the event. Sounds romantic, mainly because it kind of is.

Thanks to the many great photographers who supplied the images above, including Robert Wunsch, Jay Smith & Black Rainbow, Suki Chik, Joey Elgersma, Sharon Jane D, EvewithoutAdam.net, Duki & Papa Neil.

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