the busiest week in las vegas history featured chinese new year, the nba all-star weekend and the magic fashion show, plus the usual tourist crowd, all squeezed into 5 crazy days. we’ll start our vegas coverage by telling you what went down at magic – the biggest fashion trade show in the world.

k1x’s magic appearance celabrated the u.s launch of the “k1x-nation of hoop” brand (available at “champs” and other stores in march 2007), and presented the fall/winter ’07 line to buyers, selected media and various hipsters, who somehow managed to get a hold of a pass.
the surprisingly large k1x booth was actually more of a cage, showcasing some of ny’s most high profile ballplayers, going at it in the k1x 2 on 2 invitational.
corey “homicide” williams, “high octane”, bronx shooter “whites”, jersey’s “killa kirb”, “a-money”, and big man corey “the undertaker” underwood battled each other hard, occasionally taking on brave challengers for a breather. hyped by the tunes of vegas hot 97,5 dj g-minor and lyrics of announcer ceevee “the manager”, k1x c.e.o. chris even took on “the most dangerous player in the ebc”, also known as “homicide”. but the exact outcome of this mind-boggling one on one showdown shall forever remain a secret.
visitors of the k1x cage included allan houston, chucky atkins, hip hop legend kool dj herc, industry veterans, media cats, up-and-coming hustlers, a beautiful telemundo vj and her side-kick, various big dudes from the nfl, some “saphire” strippers, an unknown fat kid who just stared, loads of myspace rappers and a whole lotta stylish originators. and did we mentiion the girls?
“what happens in vegas stays in vegas?” not here! check in over the next couple of days to see what else went down in the city of sin…

see high octane doing “the shaq” here:
[youtube g5OPryICdI8]
see spontaneous freestyle battle at the k1x cage here:
[youtube U87Plxac_UE]