Last friday, K1X celebrated the homecoming of the K1X DCAC Patrick Mohr Edition alongside the renowned POOL boutique and designer Patrick Mohr in Munich’s wonderfully off-beat “Art Babel” location. After release launches of the tri-colored footwear silhouette at Wood Wood (Berlin) and 424 Fairfax (Los Angeles) earlier this fall, it was time for a grimey Bavarian get-down in our own hometown. So why the hell not invite a bunch of friends, hipsters, weirdos and Oktoberfest tourists to a former carpet store and call the whole thing “Mir san Mohr Release Rave”? Notorious DJ crew Kill the Tills and Patrick Mohr himself provided an eclectic array of tunes, including a unique back-to-back rendition of “Crockett’s Theme” (yeahhhh!!) and “Hölle Hölle” (booooo!!). “We don’t make mistakes – we just have happy accidents!” (Bob Ross).

Acclaimed nigthlife documentarist August CC caught the event’s vibe on these following images, which have been amped up by some artyfarty projections, that made a beautiful backdrop to a strangely unforgettable night.

credit pics: August CC
credit collages: K1X feat. Patrick Mohr & POOL

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