Today, we are quite proud to give you an exclusive sneak preview of our upcoming fashion editorial for the much anticipated trade show issue of Streetwear Today magazine. The most relevant streetwear magazine on the market knew where to come knocking when they decided to feature an o.g. basketball editorial that would team up art, urbania and hoops: K1X. We decided to shoot the entire project in Berlin and drafted photographer Robert Wunsch, got-next artist Yue Wu aka Nyno (Paris) and friends of the fam like pro ballers Steffen Hamann, Lucca Staiger (both Alba Berlin), Ademola Okulaja (“The Warrior”) DJs Harris & Evan Baggs and many more for what may just turn out to be the freshest street-level editorial of this summer. But we’ll let you decide about that …

The full “HOOP DREAMS” editorial will be released in the upcoming issue of Streetwear Today, which drops July 2nd. The images will also be on display June 18th at the Streetwear Today iPhone App launch event in Bochum. Check four exclusive images from the spread as well as several making-of snap shots after the jump.

Concept and Production: Tom Gabrea & Niels Jäger for Team K1X
Photography: Robert Wunsch
Illustration: Yue Wu aka Nyno
Styling: Linda Ehrl
Styling Asistant: Sarah Sheik

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