We have teamed up with the premium golf ball producers “Flake Golf” to create a limited series of golf balls: “Never outgunned” Both companies hail from Munich (Germany) and focus on advanced technology x fresh design. The collaboration is rooted in a mutual respect for highest quality. Flake Golf golf balls are produced with Lizard Cast Urethane and H.E.R.O. DuPont (TM) Surlyn (R), boasting flight characteristics proven to hang with the data of leading PGA Tour balls. But at a way better price. We are proud to add our own authentic sporting heritage and full street-cred to the project. The magnum (printed on the balls’ surface and high-brow packaging) is an obvious hint at the power and precision of these exclusive golf balls. K1X’s basketball DNA is obvious in the choice of the balls’ I.D. numbers: “23”,”34″,”93″.

The K1X x Flake golf balls are available now at www.flakegolf.com and www.kickz.com starting at 1,99€/ball. More images after the jump.

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