K1X has worked on some brow raising projects lately. The 4-E basketball design project (feat. Marok, Frank 151 Feat. Stay High 149, Bill McMullen & Mode2), the footwear design co-op with vanguard German fashion designer Patrick Mohr or our cinematic tribute to NYC basketball featuring Pete Rock and Red Cafe for example. We will continue to team up with interesting brands, artists and influencers in order to keep y’all on your toes. And to hone that special edge we have become known for. Actually, the demand for exclusive content and limited products was the driving force behind our newest brand category, “K1Xclusive”.

“K1Xclusive” = strictly exclusive products for strictly exclusive accounts. K1X was a trail blazing player in turning basketball into lifestyle, now K1Xclusive looks to propel basketball lifestyle into the high end streetwear sector. Providing only the finest in K1X footwear, apparel and accessories, the K1Xclusive line was specially designed for handpicked streetwear boutiques: dope product, limited editions and top level distribution. K1Xclusive Spring 2011 will drop this February…

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