The Nation of Hoop teams up with “Kingdome”, “Together We Chill” and “The Lower Manhattan Classic”! All three tournaments will feature reworked logos and boast a unique flavor.

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“Taking over the world – one court at a time” is what we’ve always said. This summer the “Nation of Hoop” will hit the mekka of basketball: New York City. With more snap, crackle and pop than your morning Rice Krispies. Of course, the world’s ultimate streetball arena has always been a natural focus for K1X, as we’ve teamed up with players like Ron Artest, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Darren “Primal Fear” Phillip, Rick “Open Bar” Apodaca, Ryan “Special FX” Williams, Cory “The Undertaker” Underwood, Kareem “Big Game” Reid etc., as well as tournaments like “Hoops in the Sun” and “Watson” (Bronx) in the past. In june, K1X will kick it up a notch. Partnerships with “Kingdome”, “Together We Chill” (both Harlem) and the “Lower Manhattan Classic” (Lower East Side) will provide uniforms and tees for three of the finest basketball tournaments in New York City. *


“Kingdome” (played at Martin Luther King Jr. Houses) is Uptown’s premier tournament, and “named after the legendary arena in Seattle, which used to be the home of the Sonics, my favorite team”, says “Huncho” Cooper of Kingdome. “Together We Chill” definitely got-next, as it is viewed by many as last summer’s it-tourney. “TWC is a party! I give the players theme music according to their names, all my celebrity actors, rappers, r&b artists always stop by when they are in NY, we have multi cultural food vendors, a kids park adjacent to the court, even a 12 foot jumbotron”, says DJ Ted Smooth of TWC. ” The “Lower Manhattan Classic” is a new tournament, and a bona fide candidate for rookie of the year already. LMC’s hype-man 40 Cal: “Every major hood has at least two major tournaments to call their own, in Harlem it’s Kingdome, TWC and Tri State, in the Bronx they got Hoops in the Sun and the Watson Classic, Brooklyn got Rodney Park, now the Lower East Side has something major to call their own.” Houston, the Former Knick, will formally open the LMC on June 13th!

K1X is proud to be closely associated to all three tournaments and will feature schedules, teams and players on as tipoff nears in mid June.


* Unfortunately, K1X will not be outfitting “Hoops in the Sun” this summer. Still, we wish the Cruz Brothers (Joe & Randy) nothing but the best and hope to team up for more projects in the future.

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