White men can’t jump, short guys can’t dunk, jump decays with age. These are some of the generalizations we make about dunking, but just about every generalization is shattered by Kadour Ziani. Like wine, Ziani has only gotten better with age, defying injury and constantly striving to new heights. He is recognized throughout the world for his amazing dunks, such as the double windmill, the 360s over people, and the “kick the rim”.
Ziani is best known as one of the pioneers of Slam Nation. He traveled around the world showing his ability and building a very large fan base in the process. Some of his greatest highlights include winning the 2005 French All Star Game Slam Dunk Contest, and beating And 1 at halftime during their European Tour. But Ziani isn’t just a dunker, he is an amazing athlete. He played goalkeeper in a professional soccer league, he cleared 7’3″ in the high jump, and he possesses jaw dropping flexibility.
In an exclusive interview with Flying101, Ziani, now 33, shares his views on dunking and life.

read kadour’s thoughtful interview with fyling 101 here: flying101.net