last weekend, the 9th edition of the storied hoop event “l’asphalte” brought a ton of a-game to the courts of ploemeur (west france’s acclaimed streetball capital). Saturday’s exhibition game between The Asphalt All Stars and The West Coast All Stars went all the way down to the wire. In the end, the local squad bagged the 1-point victory. L’Asphalte wouldn’t be france’s top best grass-roots streetball meet without its atomic dunk exhibition. The afternoon dunk session featured original members of Slam Nation (like Kadour Ziani, Kevin Lescot, Sergio Bokolo and Laurent Duville) and the eye-popping high flyers of the SX3 streetball crew (Dany Lamadji, Max Ouheirerre, Julien Bonnet). But it was the 35 year old K1X warrior Kadour Ziani who took home the props and underlined his dunkfather status, throwing down combinations of powerful dunks and his home cooked specials double windmill, 360, zianimal and kick the rim. On Sunday, team ” Al Arash” feat. Sergio Bokolo, Kevin Couliau, Kadour Ziani and Geoffrey Bourcier won the 3×3 battle. We look forward to next year’s 10th anniversary.







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