Oktoberfest 2014 – Like the world famous Oktoberfest, K1X hails from Munich, Germany in Bavaria. This fall, the basketball brand -which has made a yearly tradition of releasing limited product for the occasion- has teamed up with the beer fest’s oldest exhibitor, the legendary Teufelsrad. Owned and operated by the Feldl family since 1908, the “devil’s wheel” holds a special place in the Oktoberfest’s rich legacy. Here, people pay entry to watch- or earn a spot on a rotating platform, which gradually increases in speed, while staff members try to get people off with lassos, medicine balls and other devices. All the while, the running commentary from a Bavarian “MC” pokes fun at the action. The sarcasm directed at the contestants is a main reason why the Teufelsrad has remained a veritable crowd magnet over the years.

Initiated by close personal friendships between both crews, K1X and the Teufelsrad have created a collaborative t-shirt for this year’s 181st Octoberfest. Limited to 200 units, the design will be presented to Teufelsrad and K1X crews only.

Niels / K1X
“We are really proud of this local collaboration. The Oktoberfest tends to get violated by tacky bullshit paraphernalia directed at tourists who don’t know any better, so I like the idea of a small and authentic team-effort between two Bavarian institutions. The Teufelsrad is an iconic landmark in Munich, legendary for good times – as well as a hallmark of Bavarian trash talk habits, locally referred to as “derblecken”. And that of course, is a notable parallel to basketball culture. Our good friend Maxi (who is also featured in our current fall/winter lookbook) and his family are great hosts – see you at the Teufelsrad!”

Maxi / Teufelsrad
“Just like K1X is known as basketball’s “Park Authority”, the Teufelsrad is notorious as an “Oktoberfest-” or “Wiesn Authority”. Our staff and friends are already sporting the t-shirt (alongside the traditional Bavarian “Tracht”) with great pride. The K1X headquarters are located just a short walk from the fair, so I am looking forward to take them for a spin many times this season. Play hard!”

Peep the video here!










Photography by Sascha Höchstetter

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