Fall/Winter ’16: “The Uncoachable Series”

Our latest collection pays tribute to basketball’s free-flowing and creative nature. The Uncoachable Series is a high-five to what we like to call “Park Authority”: that special level of streetwise skills only a few top players bring to the court. Here’s To White Chocolate’s elbow pass. To buzzer beaters. To in-your-face dunks and one-handed rebounds. To AI’s practice rant. To inspirational huddle speeches. To Rodman’s late night excursions. To witty trash talk. And to hustling ballplayers all over the Nation of Hoop.

Loaded with performance properties, the Uncoachable Series was conceived “for ballers by ballers” to assist your game like a true point guard. Providing a maximum of proprietary FNCTN features and basketball-specific detailing is our contribution to your game. The following pages give you a taste – make sure to visit our website and selected retailers for full flavor, including new K1X silhouettes such as performance tights, ultra-light windbreakers, insulated half zip hooded jackets and long bomber jackets. Featuring feel-good materials like the new high-distance shell, athletic cotton-poly blend, function-waffle, and our revised outerwear coating.

Play hard.

Shot in New York by Kevin Couliau feat. Shivan, Justin, Porter, Rell, Jordan, Circus, Tito & Bamba .