How’s the season going for you?

Pretty well, until I broke my foot. But I’ll be up and running again in a couple of weeks and ready to go! I’m looking forward to that, because playing for Barcelona has been a life-long dream for me. As a young boy I followed the FC Barcelona soccer club, you know.

Playing in Germany, Spain and the NBA, how would you rate the level of play in these three leagues?

Germany was definitely a great league to develop my game and gain some experience. But as you grow older you have to move on to new challenges. So I entered the NBA Draft. You cannot let an opportunity like this slip. Now I play for Barcelona in Europe’s best basketball league. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Speaking of your time in the NBA, you didn’t get a lot of playing time, is it still a positive experience you take away from that?

Definitely. I just had the bad luck of getting injured early. As a young player you have work double as hard to gain your coaches trust and it’s difficult to come back from that once it cuts into your playing time. But still you learn a lot of things and you get better because you keep practicing with so many good players. You can’t help but play up to that level.

Is the NBA topic over and done for you?

I still got three years in Barcelona and I’m not thinking of anything other than fulfilling my contract and play the best basketball I can play. Of course I’d like to return to the NBA one day, but that’s not something I have on my mind constantly. Whatever happens, happens.

How did you get to know k1x?

I met Niels a couple of years ago in Hamburg, I think. We got to talk and I liked the philosophy of the brand. I also noticed a lot of people wearing the stuff, so I was very impressed. When I started wearing the clothes and the shoes, I really understood why people love it that much. It’s great and cool stuff.

Are you wearing the k1x chiefglider in the league?

When I broke my foot I only had the Westsider Chiefglider. Unfortunately that didn’t fit the colorway of our uniforms. But I’m looking forward to a Chiefglider in Barca colours. I will rock that ride nonstop.