the money train was once again rolling at the tri state classic taking the championship after defeating ed all-stars over the weekend. the game – some say it was the best of the summer – was packed with big names like antawn dobie, dp, c-wood, king of new york and special fx lacing it up for money train and quinton “T2-Judgement day” hosley, gordy malone aka “the cab driver“ and kenny sat representing ed all-stars.

t2 and serious sattelite kept it coming to secure an 18-point lead for ed a.s. at halftime. but darren phillip and the undertaker dominated the boards in the second half while antifreeze put the money train into fastbreak mode. the team even managed to overcome a 42-point efford by “t2“ and took the lead for good in o.t.

mvp honors went to darren phillip (regular season) and antifreeze (final). concrats to both guys!

pandemonium reigned supreme at 145th

antawn dobie aka antifreeze

the mvp’s mvp wins another trophy for his stunning collection. just to explain: k1x tee left, tsc trophy right…

emp & c-wood are sweatin’ in their drawers, yeah, oh, yeah…

after the game dp gave a special shout ot to the k1x family

[youtube width=”500″ height=”407″][/youtube]

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