We know you’re all waiting for the K1X spring/summer line to drop in mid February. But in the meantime, let us introduce you to our all new “K1X Authentic” line: This collection features basic sweats, tees, hoodys, crewnecks, polos, tees, v-neck sweaters, henleys, shorts and caps as well as windbreakers and varsity jackets in this season’s go-to colors (navy heather, boston green, black and white). Some of the styles feature the large tone-in-tone logo whereas other products floss a more subtle tag logo patch. All cuts are 2011, like…well…like 2011. Stay tuned for more information. To start things up, here’s an exclusive peek at the Authentic Tag Crewneck in grey heather/white (also available in black/white and navy/white). Out now!

For now, get a sneak peek at the entire collection here!

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