Our spring/summer collection is a tribute to a decade of excellence, which became known as the “Golden Era”. The Dream Team had just won gold in Barcelona. Rap was somewhere between underground and taking over the world. And MJ was MJ. Back in 1993, basketball’s (and hip hop’s) pure quality and ultra fresh flavor inspired the birth of the K1X brand. Here’s to our roots…! The new collection was shot by ace nightlife photographer August Castell-Castell in Lisbon (Portugal) and features our friends Mo, Pascal, Tom Breezy, Tith, Rich, Hank and Papa Neal.

Catch more images after the jump!

One thought on “New K1X Look Book…

  1. Stefan says:

    On page 16/17 of your look book there is a white shirt, which has a logo like the former Seattle Supersonics Logo printed on it. Why can i find it nowhere?

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