We recently got a hold of this clip from a good friend who spent some time with several protagonists from the iconic movie “Rize” in Los Angeles. It features exclusive footage of of o.g. krump dancers such as Miss Prissy, Lil Mama & Tiny Mite sporting our K1X Shorty summer collection 2010.


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Lil Mama’s father Tommy the Clown was among those who initiated Clown dancing as a consequence of the LA riots in the early 90ies. He was instrumental in establishing a whole new dance culture, which was prominently quoted by artists such as Madonna, and documented by David Lachapelle in what may just be the best dance movie ever, Rize. Clowing later developed into krumping – the passionate expression of a lifestyle and attitude. A non-violent shedding of anger, stress and pain, of which there is more than enough to go around for many youths growing up in the rougher parts of L.A. It is also an expression of skills, passion, sense of community and a great source of competition and joy.

South Central became notorious mainly through rap music and gang violence. Krump dancing reveals another aspect of the urban culture that arose in these same streets, forming the character of strong individuals that use the art of dance to give back to their communities and express themselves.

The video which also features Bambi, K.K., Lady MC and A. Desire, was shot in various locations around LA, including Venice Beach, South Central, Watts, Downtown, and LA River. You can tell they had a blast shooting this authentic tour through La La land – from Watts to the Hills, the move was on!

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