you’ll be getting daily updates (pics, clips, insides) on our new collection right here. but to begin with, we’d like to tell you why we decided to create our summer ’09 line around world b. free. we first met world at the all star game in philly 2002. he was hard to miss: beaming smile, shiny suit and the center of attention, even years after having played his last game for the sixers. his flamboyance as a player, as well as his unique sense of style, were an immediate source of inspiration. he loved the idea of teaming up with k1x and was quick to send us his first footwear sketch (below). this turned out to be a major inspiration and important contribution to our “check ya mama” pattern, which illustrates the career and persona of the one and only world b. free.

check back tomorrow for more …


wbf all over


elevtaor is wearing the “check ya mama hoody” (available in plum/grey/pink and orange/white summer-sky), “double impact wifebeater” (available in every conceivable color), “park baller 59/50″ and reppin’ the “dcac’s” (featuring basketball leather / available in plum and white).

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