K1X has a considerable track-record when it comes to winter boots. We’ve been creating, manufacturing and constantly improving our winterized footwear for over a decade. The Shellduck Boot marks the highest development stage in our evolution yet. This newest member of the K1X boot-family is ideal for everyday use from October thru March. Warm enough to fight off the cold and easily able to adapt to the requirements of the volatile winter seasons we’ve come to expect. This sporty reinterpretation of a classic silhouette is ready to take over the streets – thanks to a sleek look, robust frame and luxurious comfort. Now available in three monochrome executions: marzipan, burgundy and tarmac.

*Material mix: technical PU shell (waterproof), fine suede leather and sturdy flight-nylon upper
*Rubber cup sole feat. full-length lightweight EVA cushioning
*Insulated footbed under-construction
*Memory-foam dye cut insole
*High-traction profile sole
*3-d molded toe-box
*Mesh lining (breathable) and foam padding (insulation)
*Reinforced ankle padding and high collar for superior comfort and snug fit
*Reinforced eyestay and eyelets
*Speckled and rounded nylon laces
*Extra tongue padding for snug fit and warmth
*Embossed leaf crest logo patch on tongue
*Colors: marzipan & burgundy & tarmac








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