here is a subjective top 10 list of this summers’ best nyc park ballers, compiled by none other than bounce’s sean couch himself, who definately knows a thing or two about nyc streetball.
also check here:

1. Ron “Apocolypto” Artest – Played in every tournament in the city with a rep. Did not take a night off earning permanent respect from the streets of NY.

2. Antawn “Anti-Freeze” Dobie – Put the “autochop” on the X-Men in the tournament of champions with a 44-point display that was the best individual performance of the summer. Winner of the playoff MVP in the Tri-State Classic. Top Performance of the Year – Antawn Dobie @ TOC

3. Mike “King of NY” Campbell – Tournament of Champions MVP and a potent professional scorer. Controls the tempo from the forward position and puts daggers in the heart of his opponents on the regular. Many feel he’s number 2.

4. Darren “DP” Phillips – His block game dominated this summer and no one rebounded like him either. Took on the personal challenge and out-dueled the Glover brothers at Tri-State cementing a chip off a clutch offensive rebound.

5. Corey “Homicide” Williams – Before he left for Australia, Homicide was the top performer of the summer. Had a sick week in the middle of July, averaging 40 a game, capping it off with a 44-point performance against Ron Artest.

6. Quinton “T2″ Hosely – “Q” scored at will but didn’t show the same dominance displayed last year. However, he is the most NBA-ready playground performer in the city and his Real Madrid showing could backpack him to a NBA big-money contract real soon.

7. Mike “I-Robot” Glover – Shook off early season rust and played above the rim on offense and defense. Showed strong intensity and focus in close games

8. Kenny Satterfield – Satterfield is also a dedicated playground pro who shows up everywhere to play. His game isn’t flashy, but his numbers go unchallenged.

9. Sundiata Gaines – Power guard who showed range and superior handles. Strong transition player who is a monster on both ends of the floor.

10. Kareem “Iron Chef” Reid – The King of “chop” had a down year chip-wise, but his high handle never gets stripped. Reid had to lead all guards this summer in assists.

extra extra:
a very honorable mention goes out to c-wood and special efx, who made mad moves and had some sick highlights this summer….

One thought on “NYC TOP 10

  1. Sean Couch says:

    Big up to K1X for posting the list. The photos are dope. Your crew has done big things in the city for the past few summers
    and we expect even bigger things next summer!


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