The 2016 version of Munich’s very own Park Authority invitational tournament was one for the ages! Former as well as current pros battled it out with local legends and young guns – Pina style. You don’t hustle, you don’t eat! It’s that simple! Get well soon, Dennis! R.I.P. Papa Ronto!


Papa Ronto Award: All y’all! Thank you for coming out, competing and keeping the memory alive.

GM of the Year

MVP: Julien – He’s been waiting four years to get his hands on that flag!


Double Duty Award: Shivan – For delivering gems not only on the court but also on the ones and twos.


Marathon Game Award: Blackout vs. Uncle Drew’s team set a Pina record with a game that took as long as an episode of Game of Thrones and got almost as bloody until Jima Beats rammed the dagger into his brothers’ hearts!


Respect the Game Award: Malo & Papa Neal – know your history!


Quick Feet Award: You already know it’s the dancing bear!

Front Porch

Front Porch Award: Ingo – The buckets were strong with this Pina resident.


Sokrates Award: Mikey – For arguing every call there ever was and reminding us that a foul’s a foul!


GM of the Year Award: Nicky – How do you replace a ledgend?


In memoriam Papa Ronto!

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