The inaugural “K1X Park Authority” tournament was held two weeks ago at our notorious home-court, dubbed “Pina” in Munich’s (Germany) museum district. Ten teams made up of local ballers, heads and influencers took it to each other under the blazing sun. BobMoses All-Stars,, Nike, Distorted People, Goodbois, Massman Park, K1X, Anderer Crew, H.E.A.R.T. & Pinack Attack Locals battled it out in 27 hard-fought matches until only one team was left standing: The PA Locals won the final game over Team K1X and successfully claimed their rightful status as “Park Authority”. That is until next year, when they will defend their title and bragging-rights in the second edition of K1X’s 3-on-3 Park Authority B-ball Tournament.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this one helluva day. See you next year, fellas!


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