Parkersburg, WV showed K1X and Hustle Up crazy love. The West Va. All-stars kept the game close behind a strong showing from local baller “Polar Bear” aka the “Dirty Lumberjack”, but once Hustle Up turned it up it was over. The final score was 148:110. Springs had an impressive game, displaying an array of crossovers and crazy breakaway dunks. Hot sauce heated up in the second half and caught a couple ankles, while Irv “I’ll be right back” Opong looked good with crazy lob passes in his first game back from knee surgery.
Oh yeah, let’s not forget Joe Pope on the mic with the crazy ass play by play. He is the perfect combo of Katt Williams and Marv Albert!

Next stops: st. marys university (mn) on the 27th, bemidji state university on the 29th and southwest minnesota state university on april 30th.


hot sauce & i’ll be right back

a-$ & big swoal

c-viz & joe-pope