we teamed up with vanguard fashion designer Patrick Mohr for a unique remake of our very own DCAC. The shoe was presented at Mohr’s fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashionweek and featured on top fashion blog highsnobiety.com amongst many others. Check out the images below to see our favourite sneaker conquering the high fashion runway.

About Patrick Mohr: he completed his degree from the International Fashion School Esmond (Munich) in 2007 and was awarded the “Prix Createur” for the best collection of his graduation class, seamlessly followed by a variety of fashion shows and showroom presentations. Today he is an internationally respected designer with shops in Germany, Japan, Korea, U.S.A., Denmark, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.


Patrick Mohr: “I am thrilled by how we managed to combine two polar brand cores into one very convincing result.”


Pete Kreidlmayer (Lead Footwear Designer K1X): “We are always looking for that extra edge. Patrick got more edge than U2. Gotta love it.”

Schuh_K1X_Patrick Mohr_a_neu

The Patrick Mohr vs. K1X DCAC will be available from August 2010 in a limited collectors edition of 150 pairs. The model will be sold at selected destinations, which also offer Patrick Mohr’s in-line collections.


on a side note: big ups to patrick for teaming up with k1x. big ups to patrick for seating three of us big dudes in the first row at the biggest event of his promising young career. big ups to munich’s dj hell for killer beats. big ups to all the hardcore fashionistas that made the show such an unforgettable experience for us. big ups to the eye-candy from germany’s next top models who sat across from us. big ups to all those cats who kept a straight face. big ups to the bodybuilder with the sugar cube in his grill and the gladiator-style dcac’s on his feet. big ups to patrick mohr for being brave enough to feature a box of snails, a yellow full-body poncho and a bunch of logs at the mercedes bench fashion week. Big ups to the k1x dcac for keeping it gangsta.


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