… where he tore up the league 2 years ago for napoli. rick already proved he belonged, scoring 16 point in his first game for his new club ferrara.

here is what rick himself had to say about his new home: “> the town is cool, it’s named Ferrara, aka bicycle city! Everybody rides around in a bike. rain, sleet, hail, or snow! believe it, cause its been raining every day and i see people on bikes all day. my last team in Turkey, besiktas istanbul, cut the budget so they bought my contract out. so i was just home chilling with my newborn baby-girl, waiting for the right situation. Italy is like my second home, i speak italian and already led the league in scoring for napoli, so im well known here. It was a easy decision. The team is in need of a scorer so who else but me! Now i just gotta score.”

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