to celebrate our bavarian heritage, we have decided to launch a shoe dedicated to the legendary oktoberfest. the “wies’n” (as the world’s biggest folk festival is called in bavaria), like k1x, is an invention straight outta munich city. prince ludwig started the tradition in 1810 to celebrate a wedding. must have been important. the damn party has been going strong for almost 200 years now. every year people from all over the world get together for 2 weeks in september/october to get jiggy and drink a lot of beer. if you wanna make it out here (20.09 thru 05.10) try and make friends with our ceo chris grosse before though, he may or may not have a spot for you in his living room.

back to the matter at hand: meet the k1x “meet the parents (o’zapft is!)”… only 175 pairs world wide! and they are all in munich (foot locker, snipes and all kickz stores). if you live abroad try in a couple days and for € 89,00, you may get lucky. the meet the parents o’zapft is! (which kinda means “the keg is ready y’all!”) was made to perfectly hook up to the traditional lederhosen (see pic of edmoses barkeeper hank below) – color coordination goes bavaria! who would have thunk it. horse-leather, clear rubber route design on sole, lasered leaves and bavaria’s coat of arms on the heel are just some of the home grown details. drink hard – don’t embarrass our products!

on a side note, we are proud to see the media take special note: rimemagazine

welcome to bavaria!

hank is ready for the action to get started …

—> versus < ---

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