berlin was once again the place to be this past weekend. on saturday, the px basketball tournament (p = pigalle, x = x-berg) brought a bunch of selected bball-heads from the fashion, streetwear and urban scene to have a great day and hang out together. the invitational included teams like bread & butter (who hosted the tournament together with nike and, wood wood, universal, kuchi, candy, uslu airlines (all berlin), Pain O choKolat and black rainbow (paris), the boys from vans (amsterdam) and team k1x (munich). pigalle had hosted a tournament in paris several weeks ago and now it was time to re-unite the fam and show our friends how we roll in germany. but due to our very german weather last weekend, the block party had to be held inside the gym in wrangel street (kreuzberg). after some rough games, lots of dancing, posing, excitement, cheerleading, chitchating and rewinding by dj san gabriel and Kirikoo Des, the boys from bbb had raked in the “w” – and so did the girls from team candy. besides a great bball tournament this was also a weekend with good friends and lots of fun, that might take place in another european capitol next time …

shout-outs go out to nico, philly, bianca and chris who made it all happen … to be continued


fotocredits: nady el-tounsy





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