Our third collaboration with Patrick Mohr was a homerun yet again. These sneakers just flew of the shelves and not everybody was quick enough to grab a pair. Now you guys have a final – and when we say this we do mean final – chance to get your hands on this highly sought-after DCAC by Patrick Mohr in all three color ways! Coutie and SSAW Store have one last re-stock. Hurry!

17 thoughts on “Re-Stock: DCAC by Patrick Mohr Mk3

  1. troj says:

    There is no pre-order process from K1X. Some of the stores might do it, but we doubt it. You will have to go through the regular release.

  2. troj says:

    Not sure which website you are referring to, but no.

    The Mk4 version will not be sold in our own webshop, therefore we have no influence on the pre-orders. The individual shops that will sell the shoes handle the releases themselves. We’ll publish a list of the shops very soon.

  3. Olivier says:

    Hello, Im french and I don’t understand well… The shoes k1x by Patrick Mohr is sold out every where. I can’t find one. So do you will do a restock one day ? Or do you will do a new collection ? (if yes, whats colors ? personaly I’m looking for the blue it’s the one that I prefer. And when?). Or do you won’t do anymore this shoe ? Thanks you very much.

  4. troj says:

    Hi Olivier,

    the Mk3 version of the shoes is sold out. Sorry about that one.

    There will be an Mk4 version this year. We’ll post all the details on the release (including the colors) shortly.

    Thank you.

  5. Gustavo says:

    I have heard that the patrick mohr k1x sneaker will release Dec. 5, Will they be available online: on the web?

  6. troj says:

    No, the limited release is in-store only.

    The international release will take place later in December. It will be up to the respective shops if they release the shoes in-store or online. We will not release the shoes on our own platforms. They will only be available at the collaborating stores.

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