Last Friday, February 25th, marked the official USA release of our notorious K1X x Patrick Mohr sneaker (inaugural edition). LA’s streetwear community, sneaker heads, artists and fans gathered in flocks at 424 Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch. German fashion designer Patrick Mohr, who attended the event – and dj’ed (!) for the night (in turns with “The Pastries” & “Grace and Brooke”) – was overwhelmed: “It was an incredible event and the love and care I found here blew my mind. 424 and this unique footwear project with K1X have managed to set the perfect intro for what could be a very successful journey into the US market for Patrick Mohr. The excitement, interest and understanding for our very special sneaker collaboration couldn’t have been better, I am overwhelmed!” 424 (who currently also feature K1X’s “Le Dünk” Pack) will be one of the few accounts world wide to sell the highly anticipated second edition of the shoe, Mk2 (red, sand, white), which will be globally released at Wood Wood Berlin in August later on this year. Check out some impressions from the memorable launch party in L.A.! (continued after the jump) And stay tuned for the Mk2. The saga continues…

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