In this episode, our guest writer and aspiring pro baller Brian Kortovich talks about the lockout, balling with New York Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony and a new campaign designed to get him in the League sooner rather than later. It’s called and you should definitely check it out!

Hello again K1X Nation!
You know, for all of the reasons that the lockout is a drag, there is one benefit – pick-up run in the city has never been better. Just the other day I played ball with Carmelo Anthony out here in NYC at Chelsea Piers, thought I’d give you a bit of play by play on how the newest Knick is staying in shape, and how I managed to hold my own in his company…


Let legendary Rucker Park announcer Hannibal da Most Electrifying tell you why Brian is called “Smokin’ Aces” and enjoy the rest of the blog post after the jump!

We ran about 8-10 games with Melo and crew, the competition was pretty solid, with some European pros, some recent NBA types and some NYC guys to round it out.

My squad lost the first game against Melo and Co., but we didn’t sleep for long, winning the next 6. It’s a team game, but I have to say that I had my A-game that day. Getting to the basket, setting guys up for easy buckets, running that pick’n roll with my man Terrance Woodyard. And you better believe my jumper was on point!  

The highlight of my day came when Carmelo switched on me a few times off the pick n roll. My eyes lit up when he guarded me of the switch. I knew I had to be aggressive, so I did just that, nailing 2 step back-jumpers on him to win consecutive games. He’d never seen me play before so he kinda gave me a little bit of room, so I just let the ball fly – game over!

What followed – I won’t soon forget – first a look of surprise, and then a look of respect, a little bit of silent recognition. Our team went on winning a few more games, my jumper was hot helping us win about six straight, it was a total team effort. Then the sleeping giant woke up. At one point Melo shouted out my way “I’m guarding you, now you are not going to score!” and it was clear his competitive side was coming out.

What came next? Well, like I said, we woke up a sleeping giant! At one point he nailed a seemingly no look 40 foot game winner in my face. Nothing I could do but give the man his due. Dude’s got game. Anyway, just another day at Chelsea Piers. Good day of run, great day to get my game tuned up.


Special S/O to Big Dame Thorton, Adam Harrington, Carl Lentz, Terrance Woodyard, Brian Graham, PJ Davis, Ira Miller, Adris Deleon, Mikey, and my man DJ Clue who were all in the building!

So, for now it looks like I’m going to go the NBA D-League route. I like my chances with the workouts I’ve had recently. I’m in the best shape of my life both, on and off the court. I’ve been putting in the work daily and it’s a great feeling to see the results. Although the lockout is a so-called obstacle to get in the NBA for someone in my position, I’m going to remain positive about the whole scenario because hard work plus talent and perseverance will get me that call soon enough. Knock on wood…

One last thing – keep your eyes peeled for a web project some fellas have been kind enough to build. They call themselves ‘Team Kortovich’ and they’ve got something cooking that is pretty special!

Until Next time…

Smokin’ Aces

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