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Summer is officially in full swing, with the mercury rising and jump-shots falling in the NYC street ball scene. To name a few, I will be playing in EBC @ Rucker Park, Pro City, Dyckman, and soon enough the first ever Global Slam… I’m telling you, the city is heating up with hoops. And ballers are coming out of the woodwork these days. The other night I went up to play in a tournament game and none other than Metta World Peace showed up too, along with a handful of NCAA blue-chippers who are waiting for their chance in the league. The artist formerly known as Ron Artest has nothing to prove on the streets, but I give the man his due – he played some serious D, diving after balls, swatting shots and playing with his trademark intensity, all for the love of the game.

I was in Croatia last week for workouts for the Croatian National Team and also the Euroleague Club Cibona. My rigorous and intense workouts leading up to the trip paid off, as they definitely put me to the test. One drill I liked a lot was called the Star Drill – 5 spots on the floor stretched along the euro 3point line. Top of the key, both wings and both corners. You start at the top of the key then sprinting to corner, opposite wing, corner, wing and back to the top of the key. Object of this drill is to get off as many 3s as u can in a one minute but also to make as many as possible while stepping into your shot as if it were game situation. Each of the players in camp did this twice. It’s a good drill, something you can try anywhere. My jumper and conditioning was on point as I hit 13 of 16 the first time and then 14 of 17 the second time, both the highest marks of any player in the workouts.

Continue reading after the jump and stay tuned for a “Lockout” special edition next week in which Brian will also share some details about his previous NBA experiences.

Now that I am officially a Croatian citizen, I like my chances as a member of the Croatian National Team to represent the country of Croatia in the Olympics. I did my part, played very well and left it all on the floor. I hope to hear positive news in the coming months. Others players who have been Croatian citizens their whole lives may have an advantage on paper, but with my workouts and great showings in the two scrimmages, I’m confident things will fall into place for me. Fingers crossed.

The game of basketball that I grew up loving is in all fact, a big business. I have seen the highs and the lows and everything in between. But through it all I have knocked down a lot of walls and obstacles that have stood in my way. They say being 6’1 is not the best resume, from a small school, not big enough, not-known, not fast enough, not strong enough etc. … I heard it all before. But when the lights are on I perform with the best of them – at any level.

My time is coming, I have put in the work and am eagerly awaiting my chance to show the world what I can do. And until that chance? I’ll keep on putting in the work, just like my days back in the great state of Ohio, among other places.

Until next time,

Smokin’ Aces

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