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Hello K1X Nation – Hope the summer has been treating all of you well. Mine has been in full swing, staying on the grind both on and off the court. One of the questions I get asked the most is how the lockout is affecting me. I’ll be honest – it’s a bummer. Right now the biggest casualty for me is the loss of the Vegas Summer League. It’s always a great stage to show the association what I can do. Not having it, it means I need to work a little harder, which is exactly what I’m doing.

After preseason workouts/camps with the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets the past two seasons, I had all the right momentum, I felt like I was oh so close… But again, I’m going to get there – there is no doubt in my mind.

Honestly, the thing I miss already about those camps and workouts is just to have my game elevated by the competition and the coaching. On the court basketball drills, agility drills, conditioning drills, track work, the weight room, and usually ending in many inter-squad scrimmages. Man, can those games get competitive! Anytime you play your best ball against the likes of Amare Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, Landry Fields and Tony Douglas of the Knicks and Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Jordan Farmar and Anthony Morrow of the Nets, you will get people talking! It was in these games that I earned the respect of the players and proved to the coaches and staff that I could have an impact and be productive at the NBA level.

Here is a quick insertion of what people from the League are saying about Brian:

“Brian’s a great floor leader, very heady, can make shots off the dribble or catch and shoot. He’s got a chance to make an NBA roster and his work ethic will keep him in the league.” – Anthony Morrow, New Jersey Nets SG

“He is a tough competitor who knows the game and has a great stroke. He has seen the level of energy and commitment that it takes to play at the highest level. I love his passion.” – Allan Houston, New York Knicks Assistant GM

“BC is a lights out shooter and has a great understanding of the game. He has been overlooked for whatever reason. He can play in the NBA andproved it against our guys. There’s a spot for Brian on every NBA roster.” Dan D’Antoni – New York Knicks Assistant Coach

But, like I said, it’s not like the workouts have stopped. I’ve been going hard every day, and I’ve got the scars to prove it. Last week I caught an accidental elbow to the eye, a bad one indeed – that caused me to go to the ER room and get 6 stitches. If u saw the aftermath it looked liked I went 12 championship rounds with Ali.

That injury didn’t hold me down for long as I was back in a few days to workouts and playing in the Pro-Am tournaments here in NYC. Just so happens that I was at Rucker Park the night Kevin “I Am” Durant went off for 66pts. Yes, he lit it up, but what you didn’t see on ESPN? It wasn’t as easy as the viral videos suggest. He struggled with his j in the first half, feeling his way into the game – but it didn’t stop him from putting the rock up, volume shooting, so they call it. Of course, eventually he got hot, and as you probably saw he went off in the second half shooting 40 foot bombs over 2, sometimes 3 defenders. I give the man his due, he could have chilled and put his foot on cruise control, but instead he did the complete opposite, He felt he had something to prove!

It was a very special moment in the history of that park… A lot of NBA guys have struggled in Harlem’s famed Rucker – trust me, nothing is handed to you. You have to go out there and earn it, and he did just that.

Next week, I will be part of Global Slam and will hit you from D.C. where I will go up against some serious competition including several heads from the Association.

Till next time,
Smokin’ Aces


6 thoughts on “Road to the Association – Part 3

  1. Bill Skowronski says:

    Got to really love the game to work so hard for so long! Keep going for it!! Best of luck!

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