after scoring 0 points in a measly 12 minute outing vs. the golden state warriors on december 30th, ron artest came back stronger than ever to start the year 2007, with a career-high 39 point performance vs. the knicks on jan 2nd. talk about a rebound! was it the hometown opponent that juiced him up? all that trade talk? the critics? whatever it was, it worked. his statline of 39, 8, 2 and 5 only tells half the story. ron ron made 15 of his first 19 shots against his hometown team, hitting three 3-pointers and scoring 13 points in the fourth quarter to help sacramento hang on for its fourth victory in five games.
knicks coach isiah thomas: “he was awesome. we didn’t have an answer for him,” knicks coach isiah thomas said. “that’s the type of player he is. he has the ability to win the game by himself. he knows when to score and how to score. he’s got the complete package.” and kings coach musselmann added: “ron is a smart player, and he figured out that he could beat those guys off the dribble, and then he just got in the zone.”

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