The second coming of the k1x Chiefglider is here. The CG 2 was built with the serious indoor/outdoor ballplayer in mind. This shoe takes K1X D.N.A. (an ultra low and wide stance) to the next level, and sports the extended heel sole concept, for maximum cushioning and spring during takeoff. A full inner booty construction and footbridge ensure superior comfort and protection, while the proprietary w.h.u.i.t.a. spring pad and w.l.o.t.c. shock absorbtion cushion enhance basketball function. Astonishingly light and highly protective.
The CG2 is utilized for maximum ups by slam dunk sensations T-Dub (Team Flight Brothers), Marvin “High Rizer” Collins, as well as Slam Nation’s “Fly” Guy Dupuy and Kadour Ziani.

Now available at selected Foot LOCKER (USA) and eastbay

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