After previously presenting the Le Dünk Pack (apparel) and the Decade Pack (footwear), we are now about to release the third pack of our highly anticipated K1Xclusive Spring 2011 line: The Sierra Leone DCAC limited edition pack. For this project we have combined all ingredients for an outstanding footwear project: a unique story, maximum exclusiveness, high end distribution and a dope product.

We kept it as limited as it gets: 22 different colorways limited to 15 pairs per style worldwide, placed in some of the most prestigious retailers around the globe. Each boutique will hold distinct one-of-a-kind DCAC silhouettes, available nowhere else. The pack combines original African ankara fabrics, Asian footwear manufacturing and German know-how. It arose within the framework of the *folorunsho design project, which remixes original African materials and techniques with western design. $25,- from the proceeds of each of these 330 unique sneakers will be transfered directly the Sierra di Lion Sharity Trust Fund, which supports the local youngsters, that actually design and manufacture many of the *folorunsho pieces.

Check out the endearing making-of video and find more info as well as pictures of every shoe after the jump.

The pack is topped off with 22 different New Era 59/50 caps, made of the same Ankara fabrics, so that the caps will match the selected DCAC SL shoes exactly. A tad of pop on the underbrim of these K1X New Era fitted caps adds a distinct Sierra Leone flavor to an otherwise all black lid. As for all K1Xclusive products, branding is kept subtle – in this case no logo on the sneakers, just an understated “Nation of Hoop” tab on the heel and a tone-in-tone K1X tag on the caps.

The Sierra Leone DCAC limited edition will only be available at these selected retailers: Colette (Paris), limitEDitions (Barcelona), Sneakersnstuff (Stockholm), Pool (Munich), Streetammo (Aalborg), Puka Puka (Hawaii), Lock&Load (Utrecht), Slam Japan (Tokio), Overkill (Berlin), Sneakerhead (Moscow), CLVII (Berlin), RNDM (Bochum), Black Rainbow Shop (Paris), PickYourShoes.Com (USA) and KICKZ.COM (Europe).

* All folorunsho products are non-profit oriented, as all winnings reimburse the Sierra di Lion Sharity Trust. It’s not about charity – it‘s all about sharing… The underlying concept of every project is always a two-way exchange. An exchange of similarities, differences, complements, styles, culture, skills, tasks, talents, ideas, energy and manpower that are bound to evolve and inspire. An exchange in the form of sound, design and art. The SL – DCAC Pack is a product of such an exchange: the synergy of three continents, uniting African tradition, European know-how and Asian skills.

17 thoughts on “Sierra Leone DCAC limited edition

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  6. Joe B Bangali Jr. says:

    Woo woo what a great work of art an creation that nice. But what i would like to know is that Where is the Sierra di Lion Sharity Trust Fund based and which local young stars does it support? Because i have never hard of it in sierra leone

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  8. Afro Africano says:

    I loved the whole line pity I can not count on them to use with my pants and shirts of African fabric, since the size is 11.5 and 12.5 shim 12 or beyond the lot of them. I think we should reserve and or produce a certain amount for us that we are Africans in Africa and some countries with strong presence of African diápora. Since we would be contributing to the strengthening of local knowledge and in particular the African tradition of Sierra Leone. Find sales only in Europe and Asia is a contradiction to the proposed merger of knowledge of Africa, Europe and Asia.

    I’m Angolan and we want our share of them, and I believe that many other Africans from other nations wish to have!

  9. Leslie says:

    Can we found these in london? I’d love to do at least a little something to help those children in sierra leone where the rate of child soldiers is one of (if not the) highests. This country has been a war zone for a long time now and the international authorities have nor intervene nor relate this situation. Anyway, all that to say we should really do something and this is already a small step to help them.

  10. afrocen3ic says:

    I would like to distribute your ankara sneakers here in Nigeria. I have sent you an email earlier, but no respomse.

  11. Muinuki Erick Maina. says:

    please send me your emails i have a business proposal for you. I reside in Kenya and your collection of shoes (ANKARA) has WOWED every person i have been able to get acquainted with in my recent random research.I know by now you have been endowed with many proposal but i put it to you with your collection of quality Ankara styles in my country is sure a way of success.

    I look forward to your response.Thank you.

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