streetball activist julien jospeh took it upon himself to reunite the legendary slam nation crew for one final showdown, last weekend in orchies (france). “retour aux sources” featured an all-star game as well as an unforgettable freestyle dunk show (clips will be uploaded on shortly), that also featured some of our favorites, like 6-kay, dejan ristic, steve lobel, yann & brice de blaine and duke. it goes without saying, that k1x was on hand to support the cause. k1x warrior kadour ziani hosted the event that assembled the “who is who” of french dunk artistry and blacktop handles. a family reunion for the ages …


slam nation & streetball all-stars: johakim ekanga, mike aka icecross, christian mulamba aka. 6kay, jérome surville, salomon sami, laurent duville, jalil raw, gille tirilly, benjamain bambara et son bébé, julien joseph , joffrey verbeck, yann de blaine, salin lazereg, dejan ristic, duke thomba, marlon jules, gracien, steve lobel, kadour ziani, brice de blaine and habib tiour


the godfather of dunk, kadour ziani

steve lobel

steve lobel skies high …

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