the best of turkey’s beko basketball league got together in izmir last weekend to flaunt their skills in a game of nationals vs. foreign born players infront of a capacity crowd of 10,000. us import robert “tractor” traylor (kepez belediyesi antalya) had 20 & 8, leading his team to a spectacular 133:122 victory. even more of a spectacle tho was brought courtesy of the one and only french dunking crew surrounding “the dunkfather” kadour ziani, slam nation! sergio boloko, brice de blaine, habib tiour and yann de blaine ate their wheaties for breakfast, performing 4 times during the course of the day, and throwing down a ton of nasty dunks.

asg mvp robert “tractor” traylor was “nothing but net”


the double tea bag


kadour & slam nation were instant crowd favorites. many came just to see les dunkeurs crazy….


doing it infront of so many people…you got to have cojones


mission accomplished …


after the event, kadour celebrated in style by flying back home …


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