As everyone seems to go crazy over shopping or standing in line on this Black Friday we bring you this special edition of Soup of the Day: The H1ke Sport. It’s the ultimate crossover providing the comfort of a sneaker while maintaining the durability of a boot. The H1ke Sport is available in black/red and honey/white and online so you can spend the rest of the holiday weekend without queuing like you’re at UK bus station!

2 thoughts on “Soup of the Day: H1ke Sport

  1. Slavomír Bohuněk says:

    Hello there, I am going to buy theese shoes online, but I have an problem to choose what size should I buy. Please help me find teh right size. My leg is JPN 28,5 cm / EU 43,5 / UK 9,5 / US 10,5. But I notice that your /K1X/ sizing is bit different. Please help me and thanks a lot.

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