The Chiefglider was K1X’s original claim to fame. After 29 variations in color and theme (feat. Team Sierra Leone, Rucker, and Bobbito Garcia among others), the Chiefglider got a well deserved breather. Now, the K1X classic is back in a remodeled lower version, in honor of basketball’s 70ies style icon World B Free. Like its mid-top counter part, the new low version features the patented w.h.u.i.t.a. spring pad in the shoe’s forefoot and w.l.o.t.c. shock-absorbtion cushion in the heel, making it jiggy for on- as well as off-court moves. The baby-blue/orange/white colors tie back to World’s former San Diego team unis, while the infamous soup can is an adaption of World’s trash talk (he used to scream “hot soup” while scoring on defenders). In tune with World’s legendary pizzazz, the K1X Chiefglider Lo (World B Free Edition) got more flavor than a can of Campbell’s chicken-noodle.


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