The launch of the all new Hardwood line is K1X’ emphatic contribution to team basketball. Urgently anticipated by many ballplayers who share the game’s most authentic brand’s vision, the Hardwood collection was created specifically “by baller for ballers” to bring K1X’ unique flavor to “organized basketball”. The aim was to supply a copious selection of team gear that would deliver like the Mailman. In substance and in style. K1X is proud to present two basketball power-houses as Hardwood’s official flagship squads. witness German first leaguers MEG Goettingen and the trail blazing Urspring Academy presenting K1X Hardwood in full splendor: two separate team sets (v-neck and roundneck), warmup suits, long- and short-sleeved shooting shirts, reversible practice jerseys, sleeveless tees, hoodys, sweatpants, socks, sweat sets, towels and coaching polos.
We’ll be introducing the collection right here in the coming days – and begin with our “league uniform” and “intimidator” team sets, both available in seven colorways each. Both sets are ultra light and feature only first class materials (available in xxs-3xl).
The K1X Hardwood collection is now available at and selected retailers:

team ursprung

team urspring (nbbl) in the league uniform set. available in white/white, red//white, blue/white, black/white, white/black, purple/white, white/purple (jerseys € 29,95, shorts € 29,95)

Bild 2

meg göttingen (bbl) in the intimidator uniform set. available in green/white, white/green, black/white, white/black, red/white, white/red and navy/white (jerseys € 27,95, shorts € 27,95)




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