This special release of the K1X Anti-Gravity is made out of 100% colibri foreskin leather which is by far the softest leather there is. However, it is extremely rare and difficult to obtain in the big pieces needed for the shoe manufacturing process. The special construction of the K1X Anti-Gravity (made out of 18 small pieces) made the construction of this highly limited edition even possible. This is an industry’s first: No other shoe has ever been made from this most expensive leather on the market.

K1X would like to express its gratitude to the “Vogelhaus” and its team at the Munich Zoo, Hellabrunn. Without their help and technical know-how, this project would not have been possible.

The Hummingbird edition of the K1X Anti-Gravity is extremely limited. Only twelve pairs were produced (sizes 8 thru 14). Since a high demand is expected, the Anti-Gravity Hummingbird will not be released through the K1X online store but via email on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Email your size request to

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