ryan “special fx” williams competed at the sprite slam dunk contest at madison square garden in nyc yesterday and snatched the $ 1,000 prize money despite a highly competitive field that included jfk, air bama and troy mccray. that gets him a luxury trip to the all-star game in dallas next year, where he will compete for the ultimate title vs. fellow team flight brothers guy dupuy, t-dub and more high flyers. nice goin’ ryan, you goddayme … !
if you like ryan’s exclusive “lmc” tee, go bribe 40 cal at the lower manhattan classic on the lower east side, or win the next sprite slam dunk showdown in washington this weekend! thanks for the pic vierzig!

special fx

did we mention that ryan went on to post a statline of 38 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists in a big double-u at ebc later that same day?

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