The 2006 k1x fall/winter collection is an eclectic tribute to the worlds ultimate arena: New York City. The one place that is source- and center court of everything that is hoops and hip hop. These five boroughs that hustle call home breed kill-or-be-killed competition and skill. Everyday all day.

This New York state of mind is evident throughout the complete „Step in the Arena“ collection, paying homage to the city’s battle-tested mc’s and rain-or-shine park ballers. To Ron Ron, Buckshot, Ruck, A-Butta, Nas, Pee Wee, Biggie, Phife, Ox, Daniel, Biz, Killa Kirb, Rasho and a whole lotta other originators. Shout out to QB, The Rucker, Fat Beats, Slam, The Cage, Kingdome, Basketball City, Project Playground, Dime and Triple Threat Tru Wariers.

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